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The problems of PSE LNG...


LNG (liquefied natural gas) is a fossil fuel predominantly composed of methane (which is 84x more powerful as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide in its first 20 years in the atmosphere).  The "natural" gasses (not just methane, but a range of gasses extracted in the process, like butane, ethane, etc.) are typically extracted via hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") deep rock formations underground to force the gasses to be purged.  The gasses are then refined to methane and condensed to 1/600th its volume to a liquid, by cooling it to -260 degrees F. (at what temperature it must be maintained) for storage and distribution. If it spills, it will immediately expand to 600 times its volume and dissipate as a gas... that is, unless it first finds a flame or a spark.



Puget Sound Energy (PSE) wants to put their 8 million gallon, 14-story tall fracked gas tank on the Blair-Hylebos peninsula in the Port of Tacoma. The site is located on the Cascadian fault in a zone at risk for earthquakes, lahars, and tsunamis. A study conducted by the City of Tacoma predicts the Port will be flooded by 2050 due to global warming. This portion of the peninsula was tideflats for millenia that the Puyallup Tribe regularly  gathered shell fish, until it was filled with industrial slag and dredged sediment of the other waterways. It is immediately adjacent to the OxyChem toxic superfund site, and the plume of that disaster reaches into the proposed LNG site.

This is also in the heart of a metropolitan area where over 200,000 people live, work, and play. It is also a burgeoning petro-chemical industrial area which would have a cascading effect in the event of a fire or explosion. Multiple schools and other public facilities are within 2 miles of the site. The Puyallup Tribe has a marina about 400 meters from the site.


Who is Puget Sound Energy:

While it sounds like a public utility, PSE is a for-profit corporation based in Bellevue and controlled by foreign investment groups, primarily in Canada.

The profits of the LNG facility would flow to those investors, while Tacomans would be stuck with the pollution. The site seeks to refine LNG 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There will be but a mere 18 jobs provided by the facility.


Environmental Justice:

People of color and of low income are the first to be impacted by climate change. 

1,600 men and women detained at the Northwest Detention Center, a for-profit immigration prison, would be sitting ducks in the event of an emergency as there is no evacuation plan other 

than to “shelter in place”.

Indigenous People and residents of rural communities often bear the brunt of harm caused by fracking wells and natural gas pipelines.