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Over 1,800 Sign Petition Opposing LNG Facility     


On Saturday, September 30, 2017 the Puyallup Water Warriors & Redefine Tacoma started this petition. Each time the form is submitted, people from all over the county are sending support for the ‘Stand with the Puyallup Tribe - No LNG Fracked Gas in the Salish Sea’ petition. Currently over 1,800 people have signed it.      



Calls On:  Governor Jay Inslee, Washington State Office of the Attorney General, US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Region 10, Washington Department of Ecology (WDOE), Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) 

To Stop:  All construction on the proposed Puget Sound Energy (PSE) Tacoma LNG project and to do everything they can to protect the citizens of Pierce County. Organizations ranging from the Sierra Club to the NAACP have publicly opposed natural gas as an energy source for the future. PSE's proposed LNG facility creates an immediate and unreasonable danger to thousands of Pierce County residents within three (3) miles of the massive storage tank. 

To Revoke:  And then re-evaluate the Clean Water Act (CWA) permit, the WDOE Coastal Zone Management (CZM) concurrence, and the City of Tacoma Shoreline approval. 

To Deny:  Issuance of a PSCAA NOC, pending re-evaluation of the above permits. 

To Conduct: A legal review of the SEPA process for conflict of interest, failure to consult, failure to adequately identify potential impacts of the project, and failure to address all components of the project.  

To Require:  the environmental review process be redone with a new lead agency that is free of conflict of interest.

Nanette Reetz, a Redefine Tacoma volunteer who’s helping to organize the petition said: “Now is the time. We must stand up for Mother Earth and we must fight to protect the Salish Sea. We cannot sit idly by as Puget Sound Energy’s proposed fracked gas project accelerates climate change and devastates our environment.”      

Journalists are invited to learn about the petition at                   

There is more info available at              


It’s Never Too Late to Stop Bad Idea of LNG Plant


Having vanquished the methanol refinery just one year ago, Tacoma faces another threat from the fossil fuel industry. 

Redefine Tacoma Participates: A Day of Action

Members of Redefine Tacoma and the Puyallup Tribe joined people around WA state to visit their local Puget Sound Energy offices on Thursday, September 21st to send a loud and clear message that we oppose "natural" fracked gas expansion. 

Signs, Actions And A Post-It Note

Thursday the 21st September 2017 will be remembered for growing solidarity for the NOLNG253 movement. 

Puyallup Tribes Treaty Right to Fish Threatened by Proposed Liquefied Natural Gas Plant

The Puyallup Tribe and environmentalists are united in their opposition to a proposed Liquefied Natural Gas [LNG] plant slated to be built in the Port of Tacoma.  The Tribe states the proposed facility violates their treaty right to fish. 

TACOMA’S PROPOSED LNG PLANT RAISES SAFETY CONCERNS Insufficient safeguards to govern facility.

The multi-purpose nature of the proposed Tacoma facility sets it apart from any established LNG facility in the United States. It would defy numerous safety recommendations by operating at a busy port location and transport LNG in ways that are insufficiently regulated. 

Communities in Action

Protectors of the Salish Sea

There are many threats to the beautiful paradise many of you know as the Puget Sound.   Tribal members know it as the Salish Sea.   

Citizens Forum and Returning Friends

Citizens Forum is a chance for the public to address the Tacoma City Council.   It is held on the second Tuesday of each month.   

Locals and Tribes March Together to Oppose Construction of Natural Gas Plant

The construction of the Puget Sound Energy LNG facility is already underway in Washington state, and it has locals worried about the health and safety of their community. 

Stand with the Puyallup Tribe - No LNG Fracked Gas in the Salish Sea!

We stand with the Puyallup Tribe of Indians in their request for your IMMEDIATE ACTION to stop all construction on the proposed Puget Sound Energy (PSE) Tacoma LNG project. 

The Good and Very Bad of Cantwell-backed Energy Bill

The Puyallup tribe has filed a lawsuit against Puget Sound Energy to stop a $275 million LNG facility in Tacoma.  

Protestors spread out across PSE offices

"Stop construction of the LNG plant in Tacoma now. The only bridge that fracked natural gas provides is a bridge to hell on Earth. We are not your dumping ground for dirty fossil fuels," he read